"Nothing could be fresher and brighter than Pasajes seen from the sea, yet nothing could be more severe and darker than Pasajes seen from the mountainside. When contemplated from this street that is narrow, winding and paved like a Roman road, the houses that are so sweet, cheerful, white and bright above the sea offer nothing more than high walls of blackish granite with a handful of small, square windows, dwellings impregnated with the smell of damp given off by the rock; a gloomy row of strange buildings, on which are outlined and sculpted in high relief, huge coats of arms crowned with giant morions and supported by lions or figures of Hercules. In front they are houses; from behind they are citadels."

Victor HUGO. Alpes et Pyrenées. (1843)

2013 Department of Culture, Youth and Sport - Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa