Battle on the 5<sup>th</sup> of May 1836.

On the 5th of May 1836 the British Auxiliary Legion that had just arrived, commanded by General George de Lacy Evans, attacked the position of the Carlists that were besieging San Sebastián. The Carlists, after putting up stiff resistance, withdrew towards Hernani leaving behind three cannons. The San Sebastián liberals thought that with British aid the war was practically won, as shown by these verses that were widely disseminated among them, that we provide a free translation of:

Memorable day
The fifth of May,
There has been a bloody fiesta
In San Sebastián
Although the task
Was far from easy
We have thrown the rebels
Out of the surrounding area

Let’s make things clear,
That compared to them
You’re not a soldier;
Don’t talk
About the English,
Because you are still
Going to have to kiss their feet

As we have gone
To a lot of trouble,
Our response
Is well merited;
If it were
Up to me,
I’d name Evans
Duke of Ayete

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