"Never have I seen such a charming, splendid place as Biarritz. (…) Biarritz is a white village with reddish roofs and green shutters, situated upon high areas of grass and heather, the undulations of which it follows. You leave the village, go down to the dune, the sand sinks underneath your ankles and, all of a sudden, you find yourself upon a gentle, level beach in the midst of an impenetrable labyrinth of rocks, chambers, arcades, caves and caverns; strange architecture deposited in a disorderly way, which, in the midst of the waves, fills the sky with blue, gives the sun its light and shade, the sea its foam, and the wind its roar."

Victor Hugo. Alpes et PyrenÚes. (1843)

2013 Department of Culture, Youth and Sport - Diputaciˇn Foral de Gipuzkoa